October 22

on Sunday

It was voted in the Palagio that sealed florins should no longer be used in trade,(1) but florins as large as grossi, at 5 lire 11 soldi, the florin of grossi, at 20 quattrini the grosso; and they were fixed at 20 per cent. higher. It was also voted that the property of the (Guelf) party should be sold.

(1) This decree is published by Vettori in his treatise on the gold florin. The fiorini larghi were called so because they were enlarged in circumference. It was decreed that they should be increased in weight by one old denaro, that is, by the 240th part; and they were also to be larger and flatter (fiorini larghi di grossi is only another name for fiorini larghi). They were worth more than the old fiorini di sugello; but their value on the market was continually fluctuating, and gradually increasing; in 1469, they were worth 5 lire 6 soldi; in 1485, 5 lire 4 soldi; in 1493, 6 lire 11 soldi; in 1500, 7 lire, and in 1531, 7 lire, 10 soldi. The scudo d' oro (a crown) was not coined till 1530. (Trans. from Orsini.)

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Astronomical Events

The moon was in the first quarter that night.


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