properties burnt down


September 2

on Thursday

Two silk-mercers' shops in Porta Santa Maria, near Vacchereccia(1) were burnt down; and the other night the whole Canto di Vacchereccia as far as the Chiassolino del Buco was burnt down.(2) And the fire rushed across to the opposite side of the street and burnt down all the other corner of the Vacchereccia, destroying about 20 shops of the silk-mercers and money-changers. There was great loss, many having all their property consumed.

And at this time there was much talk about the loss of Otranto, and Leccio was feared for.

(1) The street still so called, between Via Por San Maria and the Piazza, named after the tower of the Vacca, belonging to the old Casa del Foraboschi, and forming the lower-portion of the present tower of the Palazzo Vecchio. (Trans.)

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Astronomical Events

The moon was waning crescent that night.
Sunrise in Leccio was at 5:55 AM and sunset was at 6:02 PM.
Sunrise in Otranto was at 5:55 AM and sunset was at 6:02 PM.



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