April 20

on Saturday

p42 From Bologna, April 20th, (1507). To Buonarroto di Lodovico di Buonarrota Simoni, in Florence.

Buonarroto,—To-day I have received thy letter of the 17th of April, from which I learn the long journey my letters have to make before reaching Florence. I cannot alter it, because the arrange- ments are bad. I have learnt many things from thy letter, but I do not reply to them because there is no need. I am sorry thou hast behaved to Filippo Strozzi in so miserly a fashion over so small a matter (i.e.^ the dagger), but since it is done it cannot be undone.

With regard to my own affairs, I am writing to Giovansimone and he will tell thee how I prosper : say the same to Lodovico.

I would like thee to go to the Herald and tell him that as I have never received a reply from him with reference to Messer Bernardino I have concluded that the said Messer Bernardino is unwilling to come here for fear of the pestilence ; wherefore I have engaged a Frenchman to take his place, who will serve me well. I did this because I could not wait any longer. Please let this be known, that is to say, tell Messer Agniolo (the Herald). Commend me to him, and tell him to commend me to his lordship the Gonfaloniere (Piero Soderini). Commend me to Giovanni da Ricasoli when thou seest him. The twentieth day of April.

MiCHELAGNIOLO, in Bolognia.

NOTE p47 The Messer Bernardino is Bernardino d'Antonio dal Ponte di Milano, superintendent of artillery to the Florentine Republic from 1504 to 1512. He took Lodovico di GugHelmo del Buono's place with Michelangelo, and cast the figure of Julius.

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Astronomical Events

The moon was in the first quarter that night.
Sunrise in Bologna was at 5:55 AM and sunset was at 6:02 PM.





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