December 21

on Friday

21st December (Sunday). He preached again; and still he did not wish any women to come; he went on discoursing about State matters, and great fear was felt lest the citizen should not agree. Chi la volava lesso e chi arrosto (One wished it boiled and another roast): i.e . everyone had a different opinion, one agreed with the Frate, and another was against him; and if it had not been for him there would have been bloodshed.

This evening it was permitted by the Lord, about 2 at night (10 p.m.), in the Via tra' Ferravecchi,(1) near the Volta della Luna,(1) that my son Benedetto was stabbed in the face, across the cheek, by no means slightly; and we cannot think by whom. We believe it must have been a mistake, as he has never offended anyone or suspected anyone of having a grudge against him: it happened in punishment of our other sins. I freely pardon the aggressor, as I hope that the Lord may pardon me, and I pray God to pardon him and not send him to hell for this.

(1) Via fra' Ferravecchi = the present Via Strozzi; and the Volta della Luna was on the north side of it, between Via Vecchietia and Piazza Vittorio-Emmanuele. (Trans.)

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Astronomical Events

The moon was in the last quarter that night.




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