memento mori


May 15

on Friday

That Filippo who was building the abovementioned palace died; and he did not see it carried up even as far as the lanterns. He only saw it carried up to the campanelle.(1) One sees how vain are the hopes of transitory things! It appears as if we were master of them, but in reality it is the other way about; they are master of us.

This palace will last almost eternally: has not this palace mastered him then? And how many others! We are not masters, but only dispensers, in so far as it pleases the goodness of God. All lies in God's hands, and happens as is meet for His universe. Therefore I pray that God may pardon Filippo Strozzi his sins.

(1) Campanelle are the large iron rings on the walls of palaces to which horses and other beasts of burden were attached, and which often had sockets above, intended for flags, those at the corners being specially ornamented. (Trans.)

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Astronomical Events

The moon was in the first quarter that night.




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