postponement of the Palio


June 24

on Sunday

The Day of San Giovanni. Whilst mass was being said, a Bolognese was arrested who was cutting of the tassels of the men's belts and stealing them; and within an hour, not having any regard for the sanctity of such a saint, they hung the thief at the windows of the Palagio del Capitano. And his body remained there till the evening, when the attendants went and took it down. At this hour a strong wind arose, and there was such a tempest of rain and hail as the like was never seen. The awnings(1) which are placed in the Piazza di San Giovanni were torn into thousands of pieces, and became worthless rags, so that it was necessary to have entirely new ones. This was thought to be a wonderful and marvellous thing, which had happened on account of the homicide. It was terrible in the eyes of wise and prudent men, because it seemed to have been done by the people out of rage, as he was a Bolognese, and these marzocchi had been burnt at Bologna a few days before. They were in rather too great a fury; they might have waited till another day. And it was impossible for the palio to be run that evening.

(1) These awnings were fastened to iron rings in the wall of the baptistery, and stretched down all round. They were blue, with gold lilies upon them. (Trans.)

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Astronomical Events

The moon was a full moon that night.




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