release from prison


April 26

on Thursday

Lorenzo and Giovanni, sons of Piero Francesco de' Medici, were detained in the Palagio; and it was said that some wished them to be put to death, but the reason was not given. On the 29th they were liberated; and on the 14th May they went away, being restricted within certain boundaries.(1)

(1) Florentine historians give as the motive of such provisions a dissension between these Medici and Piero, but disagree as to its causes. Contemporary writers, however, point to their too close adherence to the King of France. I hoped to throw some light upon this matter from the documents, but a deliberation of the Signori and Collegi of the 29th April, 1494, by which they are condemned for life to remain a mile outside the city, only has these words: justis causis, ut dixerunt moti, et ad Statum multum pertinentibus, etc. And nother on the 9th November, which permits them to return begins thus: Attenta humanitate et bonis moribus Laurentii et Ioannis Pier Francisci de Mediciis et qualiter, contra justicia et omne debitum, et ad instantiam tirannorum, fuerunt relegati, etc. They actually left the city on the 14th May, as Landucci says, that is, fifteen days after the deliberation, as it had been decreed; and on the day following, the proof of their presence beyond the boundary fixed was produced, they having gone to inhabit the villa of Castello (Libro di deliberazioni ad annum of the Signori e Collegi, in the State Archives of Florence.)

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The moon was in the last quarter that night.




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