Luigi della Stufa

Florentine diplomat born in Florence (1453) and died in Florence (1535), aged 82



Pope Clement VII makes Fattucci write to Michelangelo that he wishes to erect a colossal statue on the piazza of S. Lorenzo, opposite the Stufa Palace. The giant is to surmount the roof of the Medicean Palace, with its face turned in that direction and its back to the house of Luigi della Stufa. Being so huge, it would have to be composed of separate pieces fitted together. Michelangelo speedily knocked this absurd plan on the head in a letter.

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Luigi della Stufa (1453-1535), aged 72: diplomat
Pope Clement VII (1478-1534), aged 47: pope

Source: Primary

Symonds, John Addington: "The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti", Modern Library (New York), p.256



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