Consiglio del Popolo



January 18

on Friday

18th January (Sunday). A loan of 100 thousand florins was demanded,(1) to be subscribed to by all the citizens; and the people were so much dismayed, that almost every one stopped working, and gave way to discontent. Every one said, "This thing cannot be; the poor who live by their labour will die of hunger, and will be obliged to apply for the alms of San Martino."(2)

(1) This loan was demanded, after having been approved by the Consiglio del Popolo on the 12th January, and by the Consiglio del Comune on the 13th, judging that "for the preservation of liberty and to defend ourselves from the insidious attacks made upon it, it is necessary to have a provision of money." The citizens were to be entered as creditors in a book which was called "the Loan of MCCCCLXXXXV., so that it may always be known who felt affection for their city, and that others might follow their example," etc.

(2) See note to 6th December, 1494.

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The moon was in the last quarter that night.




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