Pope Pagolo

Italian pope


July 28

on Friday

We had the news that Pope Pagolo was dead; he died on the 26th, Friday night, a little before dawn.

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Astronomical Events

The moon was waxing gibbous that night.


August 9

on Wednesday

12 days later

Sisto IV. was elected Pope. He was from Savona; a Franciscan monk, and general of the Order; then he had been made cardinal by Pope Pagolo, and now Pope. he was elected on Friday, the even of San Lorenzo, and was crowned on San Sisto's day.

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Astronomical Events

The moon was in the last quarter that night.
Sunrise in Savona was at 6:01 AM and sunset was at 6:08 PM.


Pope Sixtus IV (1414-1484), aged 57: pope

Source: Primary

Luca Landucci; "A Florentine Diary"; p. 10.





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