Jacopo Manegli



September 30

on Friday

The relics of San Girolamo, that is to say, a jaw-bone and a bone of the arm, were taken from the altar of the Cross at Santa Maria del Fiore,(1) and were set in silver and gold, very richly, at a great cost; and then a fine procession was made, and they were replaced in the said chapel with much reverence. This was done at the cost of the estimable Messer Jacopo Manegli, one of the canons of the said church. It was reported that he had spent 500 gold florins on the setting; and besides this he had endowed a chapel. And every year these beautiful relics were devoutly carried in procession.

(1) Sanseverino.

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Astronomical Events

The moon was waxing gibbous that night.
Sunrise in Sanseverino was at 5:46 AM and sunset was at 5:53 PM.





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