Albrecht Durer

German High Renaissance engraver and painter


June 7

on Sunday

In the year 1525, after Pentecost, between Pentecost and the Wednesday, in the night, in sleep, I saw this vision, how many mighty Waters fell from the heavens. And the first of these met the earth some 4 miles from me, with such fierceness, with a tremendous roaring and splashing, and flooded the whole land. At this I felt such terror that I awakened, ere the other Waters fell. And these Waters that were falling were very huge. And of them some feel far off and some nearer, and they feel from such a height that it was as if they fell slowly all at the same speed. But the first Water, the which met the Earth, fell hard by, and it fell with such speed, with a rushing of wind and a roaring, that I was smitten with terror and awoke, that all my body trembled and it was long before I came to my right senses. But when I rose in the morning I painted the above, as I had seen it. May God guide all things for the best. -- Albrecht Durer

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Astronomical Events

The moon was a full moon that night.

Source: Primary

'Letters of the Great Artists', p. 65




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