Val di Calci


March 9

A man who was said to be a Venetian was hung in the _Mercato Nuovo_, for having stolen some florns off a money-changer's table the evening before, in broad daylight; and he had been caught and taken to the rector,(1) and was condemned to be hung. At this time Signor Roberto made an incursion into the Pisan district with many men, and came as far as the Port of Pisa and set it on fire, but did not do it much harm; and then he advanced into the Val di Calci, and burnt the mills and took much booty, after which he retired beyond the Serchio. And in this direction the Duke of Calabria(2) penetrated as far as the Poggio Imperiale, with the design of capturing it, but he did not succeed. And meanwhile our troops advanced as far as Siena, and pillaged the country, and took a certain fort called Selvoli and held it for some time, that is to say, till the 4th April. And the plague was making now great ravages, having increased again. And we were continually raising fresh bands of infantry; and the Venetians sent us a number of soldiers, that were all despatched to the Pisan territory. And the Capitano now went into the Pisan territory, awaiting Count Carlo(3) and a large body of cavalry. > (1) The rector of the Arte del Cambio (Money-chamber's Guild). > > (2) Alfonso d'Aragona, son of Ferdinando, King of Naples. > > (3) Count Carlo da Montone, son of the famous Braccio, sent by the Venetians to aid the Florentines.
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