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Francesco I Sforza leads the Milanese army against Venice.


Francesco I Sforza leads the Milanese attack on the Papal States, but when he conquers Ancona, in the Marche, he changes sides, obtaining the title of vicar of the city directly from Pope Eugene IV.


July 27

Lucrezia Crivelli was born in Milan.


April 10

There passed through Florence a son of Don Ferante, King of Naples, on his way to Milan to fetch the daughter of the Duke of Milan to be wedded to his brother. This lad was twelve or thirteen years old; he was made much of, and was lodged at Santa Maria Novella. And afterwards he returned through Florence with the bride, accompanied by many signori and dukes, with a large troop of horse; and besides other things, there were so many damsels and matrons in his train that it was magnificent. And at this time a man was found coining false money, and he was beheaded.


March 8

Francesco I Sforza dies in Milan, leaving the throne to his first-born son, Galeazzo Maria Sforza.


December 28

Battle of Giornico: Swiss troops defeat the Milanese.


Giocomo Salai is born in Milan.

June 3

Messer Piero Vespucci was permitted to return to Florence, and was restituted in all his rights, according to the wish of the duke.(1) At this time the price of grain fell to 15 _soldi_ the bushel, and the like low prices. > (1) He, however, preferred leaving Tuscany, and went to offer his services to the Sforza in Milan, and was appointed Ducal Councillor by Ludovico il Moro. Sent to exercise his authority at the city of Alessandria, he met with a tragic end, being killed in 1485 in a popular rising.


After a bitter struggle for the duchy of Milan with the child-regent Gian Galeazzo Sforza's mother, Bona of Savoy, followed, the boy's uncle, Ludovico Sforza, emerges as victor and seizes control of the government of Milan.

October 2

Signor Gostanzo di Pesaro(1) arrived in Florence, with a fine troop of men-at-arms, and several squadrons of crossbowmen on horseback, being on his way to Milan. > (1) A Florentine captain, to whom the baton of _Capitano generale_ was given two days later.


Leonardo da Vinci moves to Milan to work in the service of the city's duke, Ludovico Sforza. He gains the title of "painter and engineer" of the duke.

April 28

The Duke of Urbino came to Florence, lodging in the house of Giovanni Tornabuoni, and he was received with honour. And on the 29th he left for Milan, to take up his post as _Capitano generale_, stopping at Ferrara where Signor Roberto was. There they besieged a fort called Ficheruolo till the 1st June.(1) And in these days the Duke of Calabria on the other hand was besieging Ostia, near Rome; and on the 10th June it was said that he had taken it, but this was not true. He sacked Corneto,(2) however. The Sienese now recalled some of their exiles. > (1) This is not correct; see note to 2nd July. > > (2) These are all facts relating to the war which had lately broken out between the Venetians and the Pope on the one hand, and the Florentines, Milan, and Naples on the other. Federigo, Duke of Urbino, was _Capitano generale_, and Commander of the League against Venice, and Roberto di Sanseverino was in the service of the latter.


Leonardo da Vinci makes a sketch of the design for the Arial Screw while in Milan.


Josquin des Prez composes _Ave Maria… virgo serena_ in Milan.


The plague reaches Milan.


January 13

'Paradise' is performed in the court of Ludovico Sforza in Milan.


At about this time in Milan, Leonardo was beginning to collect observations on painting and on a variety of scientific and literary subjects, with a view to gathering them in the form of treatises.



The festival for the marriage of Bianca Maria Sforza, sister of Galeazzo, to Maximilian of Austria takes place in Milan.


Gian Galeazo Sforza dies under suspicious conditions, in Milan, and the throne falls to his uncle, Ludovico Sforza.
Baldassare Castiglione begins his humanist studies in Milan, studies which would eventually inform his future writings.


Leonardo da Vinci's mother Caterina is believed to die in Milan in this year.

January 2

2nd January (Friday). Two ambassadors were sent to Milan, Messer Luca Corsini and Giovanni Cavalcanti. They went in fine array. (1) > (1) To congratulate Ludovico Sforza, called Il Moro, on his becoming Duke of Milan.




On the death of his father, Baldassare Castiglione leaves his studies in Milan to succeed his father as the head of their noble family.
With the duke Ludovico Sforza's fall from power, Leonardo da Vinci flees Milan for Venice, with his assistant Giocomo Salai and friend, the mathematician Luca Pacioli.



Ludovico Sforza re-enters Milan with an army of mercenaries.


Leonardo da Vinci took three months' leave of absence from his work on the Battle of Anghiari mural in Florence to go to Milan in the service of the French governor Charles d'Amboise, who commissioned the project of a house and garden from him.
Leonardo da Vinci returns to Milan.


Leonardo da Vinci is back in Milan, living in his own house in Porta Orientale.



King Francoise I of France recaptures Milan.


April 27

In the Battle of Bicocca, French and Swiss forces under Odet de Lautrec are defeated by the Spanish in their attempt to retake Milan, and are forced to withdraw into Venetian territory.


January 14

With the Treaty of Madrid, peace is declared between Francis I of France and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Francis agrees to cede Burgundy to Charles, and abandons all claims to Flanders, Artois, Naples, and Milan.

May 22

King Francoise I repudiates the Treaty of Madrid and forms the League of Cognac against Charles, including Pope Clement VII, Milan, Venice, and Florence.

July 24

Milan is captured by the Spanish.


Titian receives a pension from d'Avalos, marquis del Vasto, and an annuity of 200 crowns (which is afterwards doubled) from Charles V from the treasury of Milan.

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