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Tempera Painting


November 14

A father and son from Pistoia were arrested for treason. They were scourged.

December 3

The traitor from Pistoia, called Piero Baldinotti,(1) was taken in the executioner's cart and hung, and the son was imprisoned for life in the Stinche. And at this time our soldiers went into quarters in the Pisan territory and elsewhere, and also the Capitano. > (1) He had wished to deliver Pistoia from the yoke of the Florentines, and give it to the King of Naples.


April 18

The plague had increased to such an extent that I went away to my villa at Dicomano with all my family; leaving my apprentices to attend to the shop. At this time Count Carlo came to Florence, and was appointed a Capitano, and two separate camps were formed, he going into the Perugian territory and defeating the papal troops, which departed utterly routed. And after this the ducal forces(1) could have been broken up; but through the fault of our Capitano, the Duke of Ferrara, and through the dissensions amongst the citizens, no action was taken, or else the enemy would certainly have been conquered. The Duke of Calabria pitched his camp before Colle. People continually deceive us, and we cannot be victorious, as God punishes us for our sins.


August 22

We apothecaries arranged that we should not keep our shops open on holidays till 22 in the evening (6 p.m.), as had hitherto been the custom, but that four shops in the whole city (to be chosen by lot) should remain open all day.(1) This day it snowed in the mountains of Pistoia. > (1) With regard to this custom, I am pleased to add that on the 15th October, 1547, a decree was published by the Otto di Guardia e di Balia (the Eight), on the observance of the fetes, forbidding any work to be done on these days, and the shops to keep open, with certain exceptions, amongst which is the following: "And four apothecaries' shops, to be drawn by lot among the _Arte_ (Guild), may remain open all day; the others may sell from 21 in the evening onwards" (5 p.m.).


October 23

The State arrested a son of Filippo Tornabuoni, called Alessandro, and he was confined within certain boundaries in Sicily. It was said to be because he had designs against Lorenzo de' Medici, who was his relative; this may not have been the case, but I only repeat what was said.(1) At this time Pietrasanta was besieged very closely. There were many of our commissaries there, with a fine troop of men. The wax tapers and the _palii_ were now removed from San Giovanni, and the order was given that they should no longer be placed there.(2) The church was thoroughly cleaned, and remained perfectly simple without these decorations; up till this time all the offerings of tapers and _palii_ used to be placed here, so that nothing of the church itself could be seen. > (1) On the day of san Giovanni (24th June) the magistrates stood on the _ringhiera_ of the Palagio, to receive the deputations sent by tributary towns, the palii being hung round the ringhiera in order: from Pisa, Arezzo, Pistoia, Volterra, Cortona, Lusignano, Castiglione, Aretino, etc. The tapers were brought on splendid painted cars. The _Marzocco_ was crowned four days before and four days after, and during this time there was an indemnity for debtors, etc. The tapers and _palii_ were all put in San Giovanni, the _palii_ being hung on iron rings, and remaining there for one year, when they were removed to place for the fresh ones. The old ones were used for decoration on public fetes, or for altar-cloths, or were sold by auction. (Trans.)


December 11

11th December (Thursday). A sum of money arrived in Florence from Pistoia, which had been hidden in the convent of the Jesuits by Salvalaglio. They kept on torturing Antonio di Bernardo and Ser Giovanni son of Ser Bartolomeo, and they confessed these things.


January 21

21st January. Our commissioners left for Pisa, and took with them many courageous young men fully determined to punish the Pisans. We hired many soldiers also, and large bodies of infantry went from the neighbourhood of Pistoia and all the country round, without pay. Everyone was ready to go there, thinking that the whole district would be sacked. No one thought much of their power of resistance; but we were mistaken, as will be seen later, for they were very persistent and united in their defence.

April 17

p85 17th April. We heard that the Pisans had made a raid on our territory, in the district of Pescia.
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