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Botticelli Reimagined at Victoria and Albert Museum from 2016-3-5 to 2016-7-3 Closed

Monet: The Water Garden at Giverny at National Gallery of Art from 2015-1-1 On Now!

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Perkin Warbeck begins a campaign to take the English throne with a landing in Ireland.

December 21

Truce of Coldstream secures a 5-year peace between Scotland and England.


November 23

Perkin Warbeck, pretender to the throne of England, is hanged for reportedly attempting to escape from the Tower of London.


Pietro Torrigiano is commissioned in England to create the tomb monument of Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII.


November 17

England joins the Holy League of Pope Julius II and is soon followed by the emperor and by Switzerland.


June 19

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor visits King Henry VIII of England and signs the Treaty of Windsor pledging a joint invasion of France, bringing England into the Italian War of 1521–1526.


The English army attacks Brittany and Picardy from Calais, burning and looting the countryside.


Bubonic plague breaks out in England.



Frederic Leighton purchases a plot of land near Holland Park and begins work on his house.


When Lord Leighton took over the Royal Academy it was a _tumultuous period_ as they had been evicted from their former residence in Trafalgar Square and they were moving into their new one in London. The old Royal Academy was in the process of becoming the one we know today.
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