Infected by the plague (Landucci)

A dataset in Codex is a collection of facts -- whether statistical, like mortality figures or event-related like the weather -- belonging to the same subject. Datasets can be related to the historical sources they derive from, as well as to general subjects. Facts in a dataset (usually) refer to a specific time and place, hence can be plotted on both charts and maps. They often also include descriptions which turn them from being anonymous statistics into human stories.

derived from A Florentine Diary

Date Dataset Value At Description Related
1478-09-14 Infected by the plague (Landucci) 40 people Florence At this time the plague had increased so much, that 40 or more were sick at the hospital, and 7 or 8 died every day, and some days even 11; besides others in the district who did not go to the hospital.
1478-09-29 Infected by the plague (Landucci) 65 people Florence At this time there were between 60 and 70 sick of the plague in the hospital and district together, and it was spreading to the camp also.
1478-10-06 Infected by the plague (Landucci) 100 people Florence And at this time there were about 100 sick of the plague, at the hospital of La Scala, and in many houses of Florence.
1478-10-11 Infected by the plague (Landucci) 1 person Florence A boy was found sick of the plague at the gate of the hospital of San Pagolo, and no one could be found to carry him to the hospital of La Scala.
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