The Arno (Landucci)

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derived from A Florentine Diary

which is also a subset of Natural phenomena (Landucci)

The various states that the Arno was in: flooding; frozen; high water; etc.

Date Dataset Value At Description Related
1466-01-12 The Arno (Landucci) flood Florence During the night the Arno began to be in flood, although there had not been a drop of rain but the snow had melted suddenly, so that the river entered the town and flooded it as far as the Canto a Monteloro, and benches from the Church of Santa Croce floated across to that point.
1491-01-10 The Arno (Landucci) frozen Florence The Arno froze entirely, so that the "palla" (a kind of tennis game) was played upon it, and bonfires were made; the cold was great.
1491-01-17 The Arno (Landucci) high water Florence The Arno rose very high, and ruined the mill of the Ponte a Rubiconte, next to Santa Maria delle Grazie, and a porter was drowned there.
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