Deaths from natural causes (Landucci)

A dataset in Codex is a collection of facts -- whether statistical, like mortality figures or event-related like the weather -- belonging to the same subject. Datasets can be related to the historical sources they derive from, as well as to general subjects. Facts in a dataset (usually) refer to a specific time and place, hence can be plotted on both charts and maps. They often also include descriptions which turn them from being anonymous statistics into human stories.

derived from A Florentine Diary

which is also a subset of Deaths (Landucci)

Date Dataset Value At Description Related
1473-07-18 Deaths from natural causes (Landucci) 1 person Rome The Florentine archbishop, of the Neroni family, dies in Rome.
1478-10-06 Fatalities of the plague (Landucci) 1 person Florence Amongst others a man was found dead upon one of the benches in Santa Maria Novella.
1478-10-14 Fatalities of the plague (Landucci) 1 person Florence A sick woman was on her way to La Scala, the attendants helping and supporting her by the arms, but when she got as far as the hospital of the Porcellana, she fell dead; so that one may say that the plague is exceedingly serious.
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