Income (Michelangelo)

A dataset in Codex is a collection of facts -- whether statistical, like mortality figures or event-related like the weather -- belonging to the same subject. Datasets can be related to the historical sources they derive from, as well as to general subjects. Facts in a dataset (usually) refer to a specific time and place, hence can be plotted on both charts and maps. They often also include descriptions which turn them from being anonymous statistics into human stories.

derived from Michelangelo. A record of his life told in his own letters and papers

Date Dataset Value At Description Related
1508-05-10 Income (Michelangelo) 500 ducats the Vatican City "I received from Pope Julius II five hundred ducats of the Camera, which were paid to me by Messer Carlino, Chamberlain, and by Messer Carlo degli Albizzi, on account of the paintings in the vault of the Chapel of Pope Sixtus, on which I begin to work this day."
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