Saint Peters Basilica cathedral by Michelangelo and Bramante at the age of 59

made out of from November, 1503 to on the 11th of November, 1514

the Vatican City, Italy, Europe, Rome

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August 7

The contract between Michelangelo and the Cardinal di San Dionisio for the Pieta.(1)


Giuliano Finelli is active in Bernini's studio for a few years, but breaks with Bernini in 1629, when he feels slighted by the awarding of the choice commission of a Saint Helena statue for the crossing of Saint Peters Basilica to Andrea Bolgi.


Gian Lorenzo Bernini finishes work on the The Baldacchino.


Gian Lorenzo Bernini finishes construction of the balconies required above the large niches in the pillars of Saint Peters Basilica for the exhibition on special occasions of the most venerated relics in the church.


Gian Lorenzo Bernini erects the Cathedra Petri in the apse of Saint Peters.


Gian Lorenzo Bernini starts work on the clay models for the Tomb of Pope Alexander VII.


The actual construction of the Tomb of Pope Alexander VII beings with a wooden and clay framework or the full scale model of the tomb.


April 9

Gian Lorenzo Bernini receives the last payment for the Tomb of Pope Alexander VII.

July 23

Gian Lorenzo Bernini has drawings sent out to the quarry specifying the size of the marble blocks for the Tomb of Pope Alexander VII.

October 7

Gian Lorenzo Bernini begins working on a design and model of the Tomb of Pope Alexander VII and is paid one thousand scudi for the start of his work.


Bernini's last commissioned work, the Tomb of Pope Alexander VII, is unveiled.


Leonardo da Vinci begins painting the Mona Lisa and works on it on and off for the next thirteen years. Walter Pater gives an immortal description in a passage from _The Renaissance_.
Michelangelo is commissioned to paint a mural, The Battle of Cascina, in the council hall of the Palazzo Vecchio.
The pocket handkerchief comes into general use in polite European society.
Leonardo da Vinci returns to Florence where he is commissioned to paint a mural, The Battle of Anghiari, in the council hall in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio.
As a child, Benvenuto Cellini plays with a scorpion he finds near a water-pipe and is narrowly rescued from being stung by his father, who cuts off its head and tail with a pair of scissors.

May 13

Naples is captured by the Spanish.

July 3

Extract a cover letter from Leonardo da Vinci to Sultan Bejazet (or Beyazid) II offering his services. This is dated by Charles Nicholl to July 3, 1503. > I, your servant, have heard about your intention to build a bridge from Stanboul to Galata, and that you have not done it because no man can be found capable of it. I, your servant, know how. I would raise it to the height of a building, so that no one can pass over it because it is so high ... I will make it so that a ship can pass under it even with its sails hoisted.... I would have a drawbridge so that when one wants one can pass on to the Anatolian coast.... May God make you believe these words, and consider this servant of yours always at your service.

July 23

Orbital calculations suggest that on this day, Pluto moves outside Neptune's orbit, remaining there for 233 years.

October 18

October 24

Leonardo da Vinci is assigned the Sala del Papa in S. Maria Novella to begin work on the cartoon for the Battle of Anghiari.

November 1

Cardinal della Rovere is elected to the papacy, and is known as Pope Julius II.

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Benvenuto Cellini sculptor, goldsmith, draughtstman, flautist, soldier, writer, poet
Guild of Saint Luke painters guild
Leonardo da Vinci anatomist, painter, architect, sculptor, military engineer, scientist, inventor, writer
Michelangelo military engineer, sculptor, painter, architect, poet
Pope Julius II pope, cardinal


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