Hercules and Cacus sculpture by Bartolommeo Bandinelli at the age of 32

made out of marble from 1525 to 1535

505 cms (1983/4 ins)

Piazza della Signoria Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Europe

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The first French ambassador arrives in Istanbul.
The Bubonic Plague spreads in southern France.

June 7

In the year 1525, after Pentecost, between Pentecost and the Wednesday, in the night, in sleep, I saw this vision, how many mighty Waters fell from the heavens. And the first of these met the earth some 4 miles from me, with such fierceness, with a tremendous roaring and splashing, and flooded the whole land. At this I felt such terror that I awakened, ere the other Waters fell. And these Waters that were falling were very huge. And of them some feel far off and some nearer, and they feel from such a height that it was as if they fell slowly all at the same speed. But the first Water, the which met the Earth, fell hard by, and it fell with such speed, with a rushing of wind and a roaring, that I was smitten with terror and awoke, that all my body trembled and it was long before I came to my right senses. But when I rose in the morning I painted the above, as I had seen it. May God guide all things for the best. -- Albrecht Durer

June 13

Martin Luther marries ex-nun Katharina von Bora. The painter Lucas Cranach the Elder is one of the witnesses.

June 16

Henry VIII of England appoints his illegitimate son Henry Fitzroy Duke of Richmond and Somerset.


Two important letters from Michelangelo to Fattucci, written in October 1525 and April 1526, show that he had then abandoned the original scheme (for the Medici tombs), and adopted one which was all but carried into effect. > I am working as hard as I can, and in fifteen days I shall begin the other captain. Afterwards the only important things left will be the four rivers. The four statues are on the sarcophagi, the four figures on the ground which are the rivers, the two captains, and Our Lady, who is to be placed upon the tomb at the head of the chapel; these are what I mean to do with my own hand. Of these I have begun six; and I have good hope of finishing them in due time, and carrying the other forward in part, which do not signify so much. The six he had begun are clearly the Dukes and their attendant figures of Day, Night, Dawn, Evening. The Madonna, one of his noblest works, came within a short distance of completion. SS. Cosimo and Damiano passed into the hands of Montelupo and Montorsoli. Of the four rivers we have only fragments in the shape of some exquisite little models.


Pope Clement VII makes Fattucci write to Michelangelo that he wishes to erect a colossal statue on the piazza of S. Lorenzo, opposite the Stufa Palace. The giant is to surmount the roof of the Medicean Palace, with its face turned in that direction and its back to the house of Luigi della Stufa. Being so huge, it would have to be composed of separate pieces fitted together. Michelangelo speedily knocked this absurd plan on the head in a letter.

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