Diogenes oil painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme at the age of 36

made out of oil paint and canvas in 1860

75 x 99 cms (291/2 x 383/4 ins)

Walters Art Gallery Maryland, United States, North America

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October 5

Frederic Leighton enrols with the first group to join the 38th Middlesex (Artists) Rifle volunteers (later to be known as The Artists Rifles).

December 12

Frederic Leighton writes to his mother: "though Ruskin stayed about three hours and was altogether very pleasant, he did not say anything that I could quote about my paintings. He was _immensely_ struck by my drawing of a lemon-tree, and was generally complementary, or rather, _respectful_, that is more his _genre_." ('Life, Letters and Work of Frederic Leighton', p55-6)

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Frederic Leighton painter, sculptor, draughtstman
John Ruskin poet, draughtstman, art critic


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