David bronze sculpture by Andrea del Verrocchio at the age of 38

made out of bronze from 1473 to 1475

The Bargello Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Europe

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As a result of a tragic stone-throwing game with his Florentine compatriots, Andrea del Verrocchio kills Antonio di Domenico, a woodworker aged 14. He is imprisoned and tried for involuntary manslaughter, but released soon afterward, the judges being used to stone-throwing cases, not unusual in in Florence. Verrocchio is guilt-stricken for the rest of his life, and it’s thought the accidental death was the reason he didn’t put a stone in the hand of his celebrated David.


Antonello da Messina introduces the new medium of oil paint into Venice.
Cardinal della Rovere holds the episcopal see of Catania.
Leonardo da Vinci paints The Annunciation for the Olivetan monastery of San Bartolomeo, near Florence.

June 2

A bell was hung in Santa Maria del Fiore, the largest of all, recast.

July 5

A lazzerino of the _Mangango_(1) was condemned to death, and was beheaded. He had committed the crime of violating a girl of about twelve years old in such a way that she died; and then he had buried her body outside the _Porta alla Giusticia_.(2) And later it was discovered, as the dogs raked it up. Sentences were issued against him, but he could not be found. When captured some years after, he confessed having committed the outrage. > (1) This may mean a worker at the Mangano (cloth-press). > (2) This gate was not far from the _Torre della Zecca Vecchia_, and was so called because criminals passed under it on the way to execution (Trans.)

July 18

We heard that our archbishop, who was one of the Neroni of Florence, had died at Rome; and the archbishopric was given to the Cardinal of San Sisti, called Brother Piero.(1) > (1) Piero Riario, nephew of the Pope.

August 5

Leonardo da Vinci produces a pen and ink drawing of the Arno valley that is dated to this day. It is said to be one of the earliest Italian landscape drawings that focuses on the particular character of the location. The drawing is said by some scholars to be a study intended for the 'Baptism of Christ', which Leonardo painted with Andrea del Verrocchio around this time.

December 11

A poor woman in Camaldoli,(1) who had several grown-up daughters, was praying to the crucifix in their house, when they saw it break into sweat, and speaking of it in the neighbourhood, people began to go and pray to it. When the Carmelite friars heard of it, they went and fetched it reverently and placed it in a tabernacle of the _Cappella della Croce_,(2) and it was worshiped there. > (1) A portion of the city near the gate of _San Frediano_, which received its name from an old monastery of the _Camaldolensi_. It is the abode of the roughest and poorest of the people, and the name was extended to a district near San Lorenzo (the Camaldoli of San Frediano, and the Camaldoli of San Lorenzo), the appellation now signifying "rough people." (Trans.) > > (2) This is doubtless the crucifix known as _La Providenza_, and concerning which a certain G. F. B. published the _Notizie_ (Florence, 1852).

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Drawing of the Arno Valley pen and ink drawing, pen and ink drawing, pen and ink drawing
The Annunciation oil painting
The Baptism of Christ oil painting, oil painting, oil painting
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