The Penance of Saint Jerome tempera painting by Piero della Francesca at the age of 35

made out of wood panel and tempera around 1450

51 x 38 cms (20 x 143/4 ins)

Staatliche Museen Berlin, Germany, Europe

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As a result of a tragic stone-throwing game with his Florentine compatriots, Andrea del Verrocchio kills Antonio di Domenico, a woodworker aged 14. He is imprisoned and tried for involuntary manslaughter, but released soon afterward, the judges being used to stone-throwing cases, not unusual in in Florence. Verrocchio is guilt-stricken for the rest of his life, and it’s thought the accidental death was the reason he didn’t put a stone in the hand of his celebrated David.

October 15

I record that on the 15th October, 1450, I, Luca, son of Antonio, son of Luca Landucci, a Florentine citizen, of about fourteen years of age, went to learn book-keeping from a master called Calandra; and, praise God! I succeeded.

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