Madonna and Child with Saints oil painting by Piero della Francesca at the age of 57

made out of oil paint and wood panel from 1472 to 1474

248 x 170 cms (971/2 x 663/4 ins)

Pinacoteca di Brera Milan, Italy, Europe

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Cardinal della Rovere acquires the bishopric of Lausanne.
Leonardo da Vinci paints The Annunciation for the Olivetan monastery of San Bartolomeo, near Florence.

April 5

April 27

We heard that Volterra had suddenly revolted; and troops were sent there.

May 6

The Bishop of Volterra came as ambassador, but settled nothing. And on the 7th two mortars were loaded to go there. And on the 10th the Count of Urbino went there with men-at-arms; and by the 19th he took all their castles; and on the 24th he took many prisoners and captured their bastion. And on the 1st June their ambassadors arrived here to demand terms, and almost came to agreement, but everything was upset when they returned there. And so far two mortars had been used. And on the 8th June, the attacking party beheaded one of the Bartolini; and on the 9th they used another mortar.

June 18

A knight came to us (from Volterra) with the olive-branch, and an agreement was made, guaranteeing their property and persons. There was much rejoicing. But when the attacking-party entered, one of their constables, a Venetian, began to cry: "Sack it, sack it!" and our men began plundering, and it was impossible to make them observe their agreement. The count had this Venetian hung and also a Sienese. Nevertheless the unfortunate people fared badly. The count came to Florence on the 27th June, 1472; he was given the Patriarch's house, a banner, two basins, two silver ewers, 180 _lire_, and a helmet. He went away on the 1st July, 1473.

July 1

In the summer of 1472, at the age of twenty, Leonardo was registered as a member of the Florentine painters' confraternity, the Compagnia di San Luca. The company's ledgers record that > Lyonardo di Ser Piero da Vinci _dipintore'_ was charged 32 soldi for the privilege of membership. This included 16 soldi for his annual subscription, to be paid in monthly instalments from 1 July 1472, and 10 soldi as a contribution to the company's observances on the feast day of Saint Luke, 18 October.

November 24

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Leonardo da Vinci anatomist, painter, architect, sculptor, military engineer, scientist, inventor, writer
Pope Julius II pope, cardinal


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