The Raising of Lazarus oil painting by Sebastiano del Piombo at the age of 32

made out of oil paint and canvas from 1517 to 1519

381 x 299 cms (150 x 1171/2 ins)

National Gallery of Art London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

now closed opens again on Monday at 10:00 more info

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Leonardo da Vinci moves to France at the invitation of King Francoise I. He is granted the post of First Painter, Engineer and Architect of the King. Leonardo, and his pupils, Francesco Melzi and Giocomo Salai move into the chateau of Cloux near Amboise.
Michelangelo spends the large part of the year at Carrara, quarrying marble. He hires a house there from Francesco Pelliccia.
King Francoise I buys the Mona Lisa for 4,000 _écus_ and keeps it at Palace of Fontainebleau.
Decay starts to become visible in The Last Supper.
Pietro Torrigiano finishes the effigial monument of Henry VII.
Leonardo da Vinci takes the Mona Lisa with him on his journey to his final residence at a _chateaux_ in Amboise.

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Leonardo da Vinci anatomist, painter, architect, sculptor, military engineer, scientist, inventor, writer
Michelangelo military engineer, sculptor, painter, architect, poet
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