Primavera tempera painting by Botticelli at the age of 32

made out of wood panel and tempera from 1477 to 1482

202 x 314 cms (791/2 x 1231/2 ins)

The Uffizi Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Europe

now closed opens again on Tuesday at 08:15 more info

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January 15

Pope Sisto nominated several cardinals; one he nominated for the emperor. And he ordered that the feast of San Francesco should be observed like the other feasts which are enjoined.

June 7

The duty on the wine was raised, so that where 14 _soldi_ used to be paid, it was now 20; but a promise was given that it would not last for more than five years. And at this time the cupola of the Servi was finished (i.e. of the SS. Annunziata).

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