Diana and Callisto oil painting by Titian at the age of 68

made out of oil paint and canvas from 1556 to 1559

187 x 204.5 cms (731/2 x 801/2 ins)

National Gallery of Art London, England, United Kingdom, Europe

now closed opens again on Monday at 10:00 more info

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Titian despatches his painting of Diana and Callisto to Philip II.

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Titian painter


Vasari notes The Last Supper has become a mass of blots.

February 26

Cellini's apprentice Fernando di Giovanni di Montepulciano accuses his mentor of having sodomised him many times. This time the penalty was a hefty fifty golden _scudi_ fine, and four years of prison, remitted to four years of house arrest thanks to the intercession of the Medicis.

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Benvenuto Cellini sculptor, goldsmith, draughtstman, flautist, soldier, writer, poet
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