Madonna and Child with an Angel tempera painting by Botticelli at the age of 20

made out of wood panel and tempera from 1465 to 1467

87 x 60 cms (341/4 x 231/2 ins)

Ospedale degli Innocenti Florence, Tuscany, Italy, Europe

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Andrea del Verrocchio executes the funerary monument to Cosimo de' Medici for the crypt under the altar of San Lorenzo.
Andrea del Verrocchio works on the lavabo of the Old Sacristy in San Lorenzo, Florence.

April 10

There passed through Florence a son of Don Ferante, King of Naples, on his way to Milan to fetch the daughter of the Duke of Milan to be wedded to his brother. This lad was twelve or thirteen years old; he was made much of, and was lodged at Santa Maria Novella. And afterwards he returned through Florence with the bride, accompanied by many signori and dukes, with a large troop of horse; and besides other things, there were so many damsels and matrons in his train that it was magnificent. And at this time a man was found coining false money, and he was beheaded.

April 10

A young woman, who was the daughter of Zanobi Gherucci, was tried, for having killed, and then thrown into a well, the little girl of Bernardo della Zecca, a goldsmith, for the sake of stealing a pearl necklace and certain silver ornaments that the child wore round her neck. She was taken away in the executioner's cart, and was beheaded.

December 1

There was an election in the Palagio, and Niccolo Soderini became Gonfaloniere. He reduced the tax on wine to 14 _soldi_, for which the people called down blessings on his head.

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Andrea del Verrocchio painter, sculptor
Don Ferante, King of Naples king, king, king, king, king
Francesco I Sforza condottiero, condottiero, condottiero, condottiero


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