Lamentation of Christ oil painting by Sebastiano del Piombo at the age of 31

made out of oil paint and canvas in 1516

260 x 193 cms (1021/4 x 753/4 ins)

The Hermitage Saint Petersburg, Russia, Europe

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While Michelangelo is in Rome a reduced plan for The Tomb of Pope Julius II is adopted by him and the executors of the estate of Pope Julius II.
Benvenuto Cellini is banished from Florence for six months for his part in a street fight and lives in Siena.
Titian succeeds his master Giovanni Bellini in receiving a pension from the Venetian Senate.
King Francoise I invites Leonardo da Vinci to come work for him.
Michelangelo receives notice from Pope Leo X that he is wanted in Rome.
Leonardo da Vinci finishes working on the Mona Lisa.

November 26

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Benvenuto Cellini sculptor, goldsmith, draughtstman, flautist, soldier, writer, poet
Leonardo da Vinci anatomist, painter, architect, sculptor, military engineer, scientist, inventor, writer
Michelangelo military engineer, sculptor, painter, architect, poet
Pope Julius II pope, cardinal
Titian painter


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