Moses sculpture by Michelangelo at the age of 38

made out of carrara marble from 1513 to 1515

235 cms (921/2 ins)

San Pietro In Vincoli Rome, Italy, Europe

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Titian obtains a broker's patent, termed La Sanseria or Senseria (a privilege much coveted by rising or risen artists), in the Fondaco dei Tedeschi and becomes superintendent of the government works, being especially charged to complete the paintings left unfinished by Giovanni Bellini in the hall of the great council in the ducal palace.
The fragment of Leonardo's mural, the Battle of Anghiari, was protected with a wooden frame soon after the return of the Medici to Florence, when the rest of the room was dismantled and eliminated, as we everything referring to the preceding republican government.
Bastiano Mainardi dies in Florence.
Giovanni Bellini's position as sole master (since the death of his brother and of Alvise Vivarini) in charge of the paintings in the Hall of the Great Council is threatened by Titian.
Leonardo da Vinci moves to Rome at the invitation of the newly elected Pope Leo X, where he studies the properties of mirrors.

February 21

Pope Julius II dies of fever in Rome.

September 23

A landslide occurred in the Alps near Bellinzona which is described by Leandro Alberti in 1550: > In the past years an earthquake caused a large part of a mountain to collapse, in such a way that the Bregno valley came to be obstructed; and as the river came to be dammed up, it produced a large and dark lake with great damage to the inhabitants of the valley, many of whom were drowned and their houses submerged. And so it stayed for quite some time, until the fallen earth made gradually soft by the infiltrations of the water and being no longer sufficiently strong to retain the immense pressure of it, suddenly burst open to the fury of the swollen waters. And since the former river bed, which was joined to the Ticino, was no longer adequate to contain it, the water flooded all the neighbouring regions, overthrowing in part even that strong wall which Lodovico Sforza had built near Bellinzona. It is suggested by Carlo Pedretti that Leonardo da Vinci describes this event in the Codex Atlanticus around 1513: > ... for in our own times a similar thing has been seen, that is, a mountain falling seven miles across a valley and closing it up and turning it into a lake.

September 25

Leonardo da Vinci moves to Rome, together with his pupils Melzi, Salai and Il Fanfoia.


Leonardo da Vinci sketches an epigastric parasitic thoracopagus (a person with the body of a child growing out of their chest) that he saw in Florence, on his way to Rome.

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Leonardo da Vinci anatomist, painter, architect, sculptor, military engineer, scientist, inventor, writer
Pope Julius II pope, cardinal
Titian painter
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