Madonna of Foligno oil painting by Raphael at the age of 28

made out of oil paint and canvas in 1511

320 x 194 cms (1253/4 x 761/4 ins)

The Vatican Museums the Vatican City, Italy, Europe, Rome

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January 20

Pope Julius II braves the inclemency of the weather and marches against Mirandola and takes it.

May 23

The French army makes a descent upon Bologna which Pope Julius II had left nine days previously, drive out the papal troops and reinstate the Bentivogli.

August 25

Pope Julius II falls dangerously ill and for a time his life is despaired of.

August 28

Pope Julius II recovers from a near mortal illness.

September 1

Some of the cardinals are displeased with the pope's anti-French policy, and five of them go so far as to convoke a schismatic council at Pisa.

September 7

Pope Julius II condemns the heresy of Piero de Lucca concerning the Incarnation.

October 4

Pope Julius II forms the so-called Holy League or League of Cambrai, which includes only the pope, the Venetians, and Spain.

November 17

England joins the Holy League of Pope Julius II and is soon followed by the emperor and by Switzerland.

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