Portrait of a Musician oil painting by Leonardo da Vinci at the age of 33

made out of oil paint and tempera and walnut panel in 1485

Biblioteca Ambrosiana Milan, Italy, Europe

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Girolamo Savonarola delivers apocalyptic sermons in San Gimignano as a Lenten preacher.
Michelangelo attends school and is taught by humanist Francesco da Urbino.
The plague reaches Milan.

January 13

The Genoese fleet came to Livorno, and approached the towers, but did nothing. It left again on the 1st February.

April 10

Two long and thick oak beams, of great weight, were hoisted up to the top of the tower of the Palagio de' Signori, to support the big bell and adjust it better.

April 18

A herald came to Florence.

April 23

Corn was sold at 16 _soldi_ a bushel.

July 17

The Florentines made the Count of Pitigliano(1) Capitano, and gave him the baton. And the Sienese made the Signore da Farnese their Capitano. And up till now my brother Gostanzo had gained 20 _palii_ with his Barbary hose _Draghetto_, that is, 20 races from the 8th October, 1481, to the 25 June, 1485; the first was Santa Liperata, the next Sant' Anna, and San Vittorio several. Once when he won San Vittorio he sold the _palio_ to the Aretini for 40 gold florins, and then he went to Arezzo and won it back again. And when he went to race at Siena, there was a tie between his horse and one belonging to Lorenzo de' Medici, called _La Lucciola_ (Firefly), that of Gostanzo being in reality one head's length in advance of the other. And the people who were present declared that he had won, and told him to go to the magistrate, and they would bear witness. Gostanzo, however, refused to do this, out of respect for Lorenzo, and as it happened, Lorenzo was proclaimed the winner. Another year, also at Siena, a meaner trick was played him: namely, when Gostanzo's horse was a bowshot in advance, and reached the winning-post, he dismounted and got up on the _palio_; then another horse came up, and they said that Gostanzo's horse had not passed the winning-post, and that the other one had passed it. Therefore the prize was given to the other. A very great injustice, that a rider who had not won the palio should receive it! It was most unfortunate, as my brother had such a good horse. He rushed about so much after this Barbary horse that in the end it proved his death. He died on the 12th September, 1485. > (1) Niccola Orsini.

December 1

At Rome they burnt the houses of the Orsini at Monte Giordano, and there was great excitement. The Duke of Calabria went to the help of the Orsini, because they were at war with the Pope; and the consequence was war in Rome.

December 11

There came a certain hot wind from the south, as if it were July, and all the walls of the houses dripped inside, all over Florence, even in the living-rooms, although they had been quite dry. And in these days of February and March, soldiers were continually being hired, to send to the Duke (of Calabria), who was fighting against the papal forces; so that everyone in Florence who had taken part against the Church was excommunicated. All intelligent people wondered that anyone should go against the Church, especially as it had nothing to do with us. However, this mistaken conduct was the result of our sins and of our not fearing God.
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