Francesco I de' Medici Florentine duke


1567 in Seravezza

May 4

Giambologna writes to Francesco I de' Medici to ask if his colleague Vincenzo Danti could select a block for his Florence Triumphant Over Pisa when he visits the marble quarries at Seravezza.

1569 in Seravezza and Pisa

May 24

Giambologna writes to Francesco I de' Medici: "today we brought the marble for your Excellency's Florence to the sea shore: passing through Seravezza the populace was greatly excited, chanted "Palle, palle", and paraded to the sound of bells, arquebuses, trombones and bagpipes..."

May 27

An official reports to Prince Francesco I de' Medici that the block for Giambologna's Florence Triumphant Over Pisa is on board ship and on its way down the coast to Pisa.

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