Francesco I Sforza condottiero


1401 in San Miniato

July 23


Muzio Sforza is sent by Joan II to help the pope against Braccio da Montone, together with his son Francesco.

1431 in Milan and Venice

Francesco I Sforza leads the Milanese army against Venice.

1433 in Papal States and Milan

Francesco I Sforza leads the Milanese attack on the Papal States, but when he conquers Ancona, in the Marche, he changes sides, obtaining the title of vicar of the city directly from Pope Eugene IV.

1440 in Naples

King Alfonso I occupies Francesco Sforza's fiefs in the Kingdom of Naples and, to recover the situation, Sforza reconciles himself with Filippo Visconti.


October 25


Francesco I Sforza marries a ducchess called Bianca Maria Visconti .

1465 in Milan and Florence

April 10

There passed through Florence a son of Don Ferante, King of Naples, on his way to Milan to fetch the daughter of the Duke of Milan to be wedded to his brother. This lad was twelve or thirteen years old; he was made much of, and was lodged at Santa Maria Novella. And afterwards he returned through Florence with the bride, accompanied by many signori and dukes, with a large troop of horse; and besides other things, there were so many damsels and matrons in his train that it was magnificent. And at this time a man was found coining false money, and he was beheaded.

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 4

1466 in Milan

March 8

Francesco I Sforza dies in Milan, leaving the throne to his first-born son, Galeazzo Maria Sforza.


Draft of a letter from Leonardo da Vinci to Ludovico Sforza:


Leonardo da Vinci receives the Sforza commission from Ludovico Sforza, to cast the largest equestrian statue ever, in honour of Ludovico's father.


Ludovico Sforza (1452-1508) Milanese duke

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