King Francoise I French king

born in Cognac (1494) and died in Rambouillet (1547), aged 53


1494 in Cognac

September 12

King Francoise I is born in Cognac.

1515 aged 21 in Milan and Bologna

Leonardo da Vinci constructs a mechanical lion for the coronation of the new king of France, Francois I.


King Francoise I of France recaptures Milan.

December 19

Leonardo da Vinci is present at the meeting of King Francoise I and Pope Leo X, which takes place in Bologna.

1516 aged 22

King Francoise I invites Leonardo da Vinci to come work for him.

1517 aged 23 in Château du Clos Lucé

King Francoise I buys the Mona Lisa for 4,000 écus and keeps it at Palace of Fontainebleau.

Leonardo da Vinci moves to France at the invitation of King Francoise I. He is granted the post of First Painter, Engineer and Architect of the King. Leonardo, and his pupils, Francesco Melzi and Giocomo Salai move into the chateau of Cloux near Amboise.

1521 aged 27


War breaks out between Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Francis I, the King of France.

1526 aged 32 in Flanders, Naples, Milan, Venice and Florence

January 14

With the Treaty of Madrid, peace is declared between Francis I of France and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. Francis agrees to cede Burgundy to Charles, and abandons all claims to Flanders, Artois, Naples, and Milan.

May 22

King Francoise I repudiates the Treaty of Madrid and forms the League of Cognac against Charles, including Pope Clement VII, Milan, Venice, and Florence.

1529 aged 35 in Italy

August 5

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and Francis I of France sign the Treaty of Cambrai, or "Ladies' Peace" in the War of the League of Cognac: Francis abandons his claims in Italy, but is allowed to retain the Duchy of Burgundy. Henry VIII of England accedes on August 27.

1547 aged 53 in Rambouillet

March 31

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