Guillaume Dufay French composer

born in Beersel (1397) and died in Cambrai (1474), aged 77


1397 in Beersel

August 5

Guillaume Dufay is born in Beersel.

1423 aged 26

Guillaume Dufay composes the ballade 'Resvellies vous et faites chiere lye' around 1423 for the marriage of Carlo Malatesta and Vittoria Colonna.

1430 aged 33

Guillaume Dufay composes a motet on the Virgin Mary called "Flos Florum".

1436 aged 39 in Florence and Cambrai

March 25

The dedication of the cathedral of Florence was celebrated by Pope Eugenius IV and the papal chapel, then resident in Florence. The Pope's magister capellae (master, or leader, of the chapel) was then Guillaume Dufay, a native of the region of Cambrai in northern France.

1454 aged 57

February 22

A letter from Guillaume Dufay to Piero and Giovanni de' Medici -- believed to have been written on February 22, 1454 -- mentions Dufay's motet, called 'Lamentatio sanctae matris ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae' (Lamentations for the fall of Constantinople). It is thought that the piece was to have been composed in the context of the "Feast of the Pheasant", a banquet and extravagant political show organised in Lille by Philip the Good of Burgundy on 17 February 1454. Its purpose was to propagate the idea of a crusade for the recapture of the city. It is, however, unclear whether the piece was ever performed on that occasion.

1474 aged 77 in Cambrai

November 27

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