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1479 in Siena, Serchio, Val di Calci and Pisa

March 9

A man who was said to be a Venetian was hung in the Mercato Nuovo, for having stolen some florns off a money-changer's table the evening before, in broad daylight; and he had been caught and taken to the rector,(1) and was condemned to be hung.

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 27

1482 in Ficheruolo and Rome

March 4

The authorities considered that this new tax of the Scala was not a suitable one for the city; therefore they had recourse to the Sesto again, and doubled it, with advantage, as it seemed to those who understood the business. But certainly some people were already in sorry plight were completely ruined by the Sesto.

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 33

July 2

We took Ficheruolo.(1)

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 35

September 14

Roberto il Magnifico(1) died at Rome; he who had been so famous for his victory over the Duke of Calabria near Rome, when he took 300 men-at-arms. These two great captains died with a few days of each other, just when they imagined that they were at the height of their glory. What errors are made by the world! Men incur so many perils in order to slay and kill others, and to obtain a short-lived fame on this earth, not considering what it means to kill a man, and how soon they themselves will have to die and render an account.

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 36

1483 in Siena, Arno, Monte Domenici, Ancona and Florence

February 6

Some of the Turks whom the duke was sending back, passed through. As 400 of them had deserted to the Venetians, he thought it best to send back the remainder; and we raised a Christian brigade for him here in Florence.

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 36

August 5

The exiled Sienese came against their city, as far as the fortress of Sitorno, but were unable to do anything. The citizens took many prisoners from the fortress and carried them into Siena.

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 38


August 9

We received news of the Peace.(1) There were bonfires and great rejoicings.

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 40


April 2

2nd April. It was said that a league had been made between the Venetians, the Duke of Milan, the Emperor, the Pope, the King of Spain, and the Genoese; and we should be given till the end of April to decide whether we would join it.

Source: A Florentine Diary, p. 85

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