Vincenzo Danti Perugian Mannerist sculptor

born in Perugia (1530) and died in Perugia (1576), aged 46

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1530 in Perugia

Vincenzo Danti is born in Perugia.

1553 aged 23

Vincenzo Danti creates a sculpture called Pope Julius III .

1567 aged 37 in Seravezza

May 4

Giambologna writes to Francesco I de' Medici to ask if his colleague Vincenzo Danti could select a block for his Florence Triumphant Over Pisa when he visits the marble quarries at Seravezza.

1569 aged 39

Vincenzo Danti works on a bronze sculpture called The Beheading of John the Baptist over the course of two years until 1571.

1576 aged 46 in Perugia

May 26

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