Filippo Brunelleschi Florentine Early Renaissance sculptor, engineer and architect

born in Florence (1377) and died in Florence (1446), aged 69

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Filippo Brunelleschi (1377 – April 15, 1446) was one of the foremost architects and engineers of the Italian Renaissance. He is perhaps most famous for his development of linear perspective and for engineering the dome of the Florence Cathedral, but his accomplishments also include other architectural works, sculpture, mathematics, engineering and even ship design. His principal surviving works are to be found in Florence, Italy

1377 in Florence

1410 aged 33

Filippo Brunelleschi works on a wood sculpture called The Crucifix over the course of five years until 1415.

1413 aged 36

Filippo Brunelleschi creates a sculpture called Saint Peter .

1418 aged 41

Filippo Brunelleschi works on a dome called The Dome of Florence Cathedral over the course of twenty-eight years until 1446.

1446 aged 69 in Florence

April 15

1468 in Florence

Andrea del Verrocchio is contracted to make a golden ball (palla) to be placed on top of the lantern of Brunelleschi's cupola on the Duomo in Florence.

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