Bramante Italian Renaissance architect

born in Monte Asdruvaldo (1444) and died in Rome (1514), aged 70


1444 in Monte Asdruvaldo

1503 aged 59


Bramante works on a cathedral called Saint Peters Basilica over the course of eleven years until 1514.

1508 aged 64 in Rome


Raphael is invited to Rome by the new pope, Julius II, perhaps at the instigation of the papal architect, Bramante. Raphael dwells in Rome until his death.

1514 aged 70 in Rome

March 11

Bramante dies in Rome.

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Bramante architect
Pope Julius II pope, cardinal
Raphael painter, architect, poet



Raphael (1483-1520) Umbrian High Renaissance painter, architect and poet


Ludovico Sforza (1452-1508) Milanese duke

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