Pietro Torrigiano sculptor

born in Florence (1472) and died in Spain (1528), aged 56


1472 in Florence

November 24

November 24

1490s aged 18 to 28

Pietro Torrigiano breaks the nose of Michelangelo in argument while drawing in the Carmine, smashing it so hard that it never heals. The incident is described in a passage from Cellini's autobiography.

1510 aged 38 in England

Pietro Torrigiano is commissioned in England to create the tomb monument of Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII.

1512 aged 40

Pietro Torrigiano is given the commission for the magnificent effigial monument for Henry VII and his queen, in the lady chapel of Westminster Abbey.

1517 aged 45

Pietro Torrigiano finishes the effigial monument of Henry VII.

1520s aged 48 to 58

Pietro Torrigiano moves to Spain.

1528 aged 56 in Spain


Pietro Torrigiano dies in Spain in the prisons of the Spanish Inquisition.


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