Masolino painter

born in San Giovanni Valdarno (1383) and died in Florence (1447), aged 64

The Brancacci Chapel Santa Maria of Carmine Church see all

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Tempera Painting

Madonna and Child with St. Anne see all


1383 in San Giovanni Valdarno

1423 aged 40 in Rome

Masaccio travels to Rome with Masolino.

1424 aged 41 in Florence

Masaccio and Masolino are commissioned by the powerful and rich Felice Brancacci to execute a cycle of frescoes for the The Brancacci Chapel in the church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence.

Masolino works on a tempera painting called Madonna and Child with St. Anne for a year.

1425 aged 42 in Hungary


Masolino leaves work on the The Brancacci Chapel and goes to Hungary.

1447 aged 64 in Florence

Masolino dies in Florence.

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