The Codex

An Atlas of History

An atlas of history

Codex is a digital humanities initiative built on the Neo4j graph database and the .NET platform. It aims to provide a high-resolution view of the past, built both from historical commentaries as well as the actual stories of historical figures.

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Zoom in, zoom out

The Codex allows you to zoom in and out of history. Not only can you see all of the events of a person's life, you can see all the events that took place in a town, city, or country. You can see events that took place over a decade or in a single day. And you can see all events relating to a specific subject like 'a murder' and then zoom out to see all events under the generic heading of 'deaths'.

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History in a resolution
you've never seen before

The Codex will be built chiefly out of primary source historical texts and carefully annotated with graph database nodes. Already over 40 years of entries from the Florentine Diary of Luca Landucci (1436-1516) have been transcribed as well as letters from artists like Michelangelo, Leonardo, Ghiberti, Mantegna and others. Many more primary sources will be included, as well as the addition of over 90,000 secondary source events from Wikipedia.